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Introducing the famous “Bungai Cardinal Fish” often requested in Lembeh.

There are many requests, probably because it is often published in magazines as a fish seen in Lembeh. However, I feel that this fish is quite whole, and I see it almost every dive.

Previously, it was only seen at the point called Policepia in Lembeh. Still, the range has gradually expanded, and now it can be found at any point on the side of shallow sea anemones, eda coral, Diadema setosum and akaonigaze.

I think that people in Diadema setosum overlap with the pattern of their bodies and become mimicry. Still, recently, as shown in the above picture, I often see them coexisting with anemone fish.

Cardinalfish (Ishimochi) is famous for raising eggs in the mouth, but this Banggai cardinalfish is even a child in the mouth. If you find a dad with a horny chin, Bungai Cardinal Fish, please wait for his mouth to flutter. If the mouth is orange or light pink, it’s an egg, and if it’s glittering, it’s a child’s eye!

The picture is complex (I don’t have a picture of a child in my mouth yet …), but please try it.

Bangai Cardinal Fish is named after a small island called Bangai on the eastern side of central Sulawesi, south of Lembeh. It seems that they arrived at the ship from here and flowed to Lembeh and bred because of the environment.

However, in 2007, it was listed as an endangered species on the Red List issued by the International Federation of Nature Maintenance.

I don’t feel that way in Lembeh, but it seems that the total number is decreasing.

Since there are many opportunities to see it, it tends to be easy to postpone the photo, and many people take it as if they remembered, “Oh, there is no proper photo!” At the last dive, but even one individual. Even if you see many people in a group, it’s perfect for the subject of the photo, so please come to Lembeh now!

While showing big things in Palau, he became interested in small things and went to Manado, Indonesia.

Every day you’ll be amazed at the Bunaken area, Raja Ampat cruises and the splendour of the pristine waters of Lembeh and Indonesia.

What is Lembeh? Even if there are creatures all over the place and they hardly move, they will dive one dive.

I rarely go outside except to pick up at the airport, and if I have free time, I dive at the point Jahir in front of me.

It is the best environment for customers to observe living things from rare to ordinary ones and take pictures with stable sea conditions.

One dive is more than one hour, four dives a day, diving from morning till night and eating repeatedly. One day goes by in a blink of an eye.

Currently, I want to convey the fun of Lembeh’s sea to many people by living back and forth between Japan and Lembeh.

I am working hard so that Japanese customers can enjoy it with the new Japanese guide, Honey.

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