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“Betta” is famous as a fighting fish. In Thailand, the more males fight against each other as targets for betting, the more competitive they are. On the other hand, there is also a beautifully improved variety called Shobeta. There are many enthusiasts in Japan, and contests are held to compete for their beauty.

A fighting fish is a fish that sounds noisy but is also known as “solid” or “rumble fish”, which has both a beautiful appearance and extreme fighting power. Due to its aggressive fighting nature, in Thailand, the place of origin, it is famous as a fighting fish that is not a cockfight but a target for betting. Because its beauty attracts many lovers and does not stop, a contest to compete for its beauty in various places and the breed accompanies it. Improvements are being actively made. This time, I would like to introduce a solid with such opposite properties.

Betta is famous as a fighting fish
  • Anabas eyes Perontia family Macropodas subfamily
  • Betta splendens Scientific name: Betta splendens
  • (English name: Rumble Fish)
  • Origin: Thailand, Cambodia
  • Size: 7 cm

As I mentioned earlier, the temperament is fierce, and when males meet, they often fight for death until one of them becomes unrecoverable. Nature is so fierce that you can’t imagine its beautiful appearance. It’s not so much against other species, but if you see a male of the same species, you’ll be ready for battle.

The name “Fighting Fish” is just right. Even with this, each fin and gills when intimidating the other party! The appearance of spreading is one of the most beautiful among the many tropical fish. It can be seen from the fact that there are clubs worldwide to enjoy this fish and various improved varieties are being produced. There are many enthusiasts in Japan, and contests are held in various places to compete for their beauty.

The English name RUMBLE FISH means “fighting” in slang. It’s probably the name given to the male’s aggressive fighting nature. In Thailand, the place of origin, it has been treated as a target for betting like cockfights for a long time, and each fin called Pragat is short, and the game is played using a more competitive and improved breed.

Solid with a beautiful appearance

The ones widely sold to the general public are called “traditional solids”, which are derived from bleeding of the plugin, and are selected and fixed with large fins and beautiful body color. These are probably the most distributed types, and we often see them.

Furthermore, among the traditional solids, the line that has extended the characteristics, such as the more prominent and well-shaped caudal fin, is called Show Quality Betta. In other words, it means “a beautiful solid that can be put on the show.” By the way, Pragat means “biting fish” = plastic (fish) and cut (biting) in Thai.

Among them, Shobeta has many enthusiasts worldwide and has been improved in various ways. For example, Half Moon’s tails with caudal fins stretch nearly 180 °, and Crown tails with fiery, fiery-shaped tails. Many color variations, including red, blue, white, black, and yellow.

I have mentioned its competitiveness and beauty of appearance, but there is another prominent solid feature. It is to have an organ called a labyrinth organ in the gills. Thanks to that, it can withstand a decrease in dissolved oxygen in the water and deterioration of water quality, and in the wild, it sometimes lives in a puddle that seems to dry up. It is often sold in bottles, but for the reasons mentioned above, it can be kept in bottles, not fish in bottles. It is desirable to keep the animals in the minimum necessary equipment.

The spawning is also slightly different, and males make ovaries called bubble nests. Males collect eggs laid by females and protect the fry after hatching. Also, I will introduce it if there is an opportunity, but spawning is also quite intense and passionate.

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