Blue angelfish Freshwater

Blue angelfish Freshwater? Do you know Angelfish? It is a fish that you can almost always see when you go to a tropical fish shop, and it is a standard type that many people love, but there are some points when breeding it. This time, we will introduce the types of angelfish and how to raise them!

What is Blue Angelfish Freshwater?

The Blue Zebra Angelfish is the culmination of decades of careful breeding that has resulted in the brightly colored and patterned individuals now prevalent in the aquarium hobby. In addition to the characteristics of a Zebra Angelfish, such as four to six vertical stripes, the Blue Zebra Angelfish is selectively bred with Angelfish that have the blue color gene in order to combine the blue hue and the wide striped pattern of the Zebra.

While common in the aquarium hobby, the Blue Zebra Angel is one of the more difficult to obtain in your ordinary neighborhood fish store. As a result, many aquarium enthusiasts purchase Blue Zebra Angelfish online from specialty merchants or from breeders at aquarium events.

blue angelfish freshwater
Features of angelfish

This is a tropical fish belonging to the genus of the Perciformes Labroidei Cichlid family and grows up to about 15 cm in size. The feature is that the fins grow very large and become vertically long bodies. In addition, the original individual has a black striped pattern, as shown in the image. By the way, in Japanese name, is written as “Tenjin striped beakfish”.

If you write it in English, it will be “Angel”, so you will want to read it as “Angel”. Recently, the term “angel” has been increasing, but it is a remnant of what has been called an angel for a long time, and it is still common to read it as an angel. By the way, the name comes from the fact that it looks like an angel.

What kind of environment does the fish live in?

Since it looks beautiful, you may imagine living in a beautiful river, but initially, it lives in a wild place like the Amazon River. In water areas with little water flow, you are often in the shadow of aquatic plants. It is a carnivorous fish that grows by eating insects, crustaceans, and small fish.

How long does an angelfish last?

It is a lifespan that is worrisome when raising, but the lifespan is short for a large body, and it is said to be about five years. However, this is just a guideline for life so it may be longer or shorter. If you grow it roughly, it will often have a lifespan of about three years, and conversely, if you grow it carefully, you will usually live for about seven years.

Can they swim together?

Tropical fish are fun to put in various kinds in the same aquarium. However, angelfish is a type of cichlid known as a ferocious fish. There are also territorial battles, and small fish are eaten, so it is good to add some large or benthic fish, such as corydoras, when mixing. Also, pleco may attack angelfish, so it is better not to enter it.

Will eat Shrimp?

Angelfish is dangerous to swim with small fish, but it is even more dangerous to swim with shrimp. Shrimp is a favourite of angelfish, so you can quickly eat the famous Amano shrimp in tropical fish tanks. Do not put shrimp in the angelfish aquarium. You can swim with small fish by preparing a hideout such as aquatic plants, but shrimp are difficult.

Types of other angelfish

There are many improved angelfish varieties, but there are three original species. The Scalare Angel in the image is the most common type, and there are also “Altam Angel” and “Dumellily Angel”. Altum angelfish are challenging to breed, and many are growing them with freshwater angelfish and other improved varieties.

  • Famous type ① Marble Angel

One of the improved varieties is Marble Angel. As the name suggests, it has a marble pattern, and its powerful appearance is impressive. It’s not unusual, so even beginners can buy and grow it.

  • Famous type ② Golden Angel

As the name implies, Golden Angel is a striped angelfish with a golden body. As shown in the image, it is recommended because it looks fabulous even if you put it in the aquatic plant aquarium.

  • Famous type ③ Albino Angel

If you like golden angels, you may also be interested in albino angelfish. The image shows that albino individuals are characterized by a white body color and red eyes. This is not unusual either, so you can quickly grow it.

When you’re ready, let’s set up the aquarium. Rinse the equipment with water, spread the bottom sand in the aquarium, fill it with water, install a filter, and operate it. When planting aquatic plants, add them after the water temperature has become constant. Do not add tropical fish yet. If possible, leave it for about two weeks and wait for the bacteria to increase before adding it.


How was this? “What is angelfish? Introducing the types and precautions when breeding!” I explained the characteristics, longevity, the possibility of mixed swimming, breeding and breeding methods, etc., but it was a fascinating tropical fish. If you have a suitable water temperature and change the water properly, you can grow without getting sick, so let’s try it! Shrimp will be eaten, so please do not put them together.

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